Revolutionary Token model

WPR will accrue green energy, which will be donated directly to the token holders by the renewable energy producers using WePower platform. The renewable energy producer will be obliged to donate part of produced renewable energy to the WePower community - WPR token holders. The energy will be donated in the form of energy tokens and stored in the smart contract. WPR will give access to the green energy, which the token holder can use or sell. Therefore, WPR is a token backed by energy, its value grows in real assets, its liquid and you can decide what to do with the tokens.

WePower – next generation utility company

WPR tokens grow in real value

WPR tokens are backed by energy

Token model is clarified with the European regulators

Project supported by the Government

International and experienced team with 10+ year in energy market

Platform will be operational within 9 months

1.24 trillion USD market potential

Existing partnerships with energy companies

Energy development projects are in the pipeline

Explore the near future yourself


Nikolaj Martyniuk
Co-Founder, Energy

Artūras Asakavičius
Co-Founder, Investments

Kaspar Kaarlep
CTO, energy

Jon Matonis
Blockchain advisor

Steven Meersman
Energy markets

Heikki Kolk
Energy IOT Expert

Nimrod Lehavi

Gytis Labašauskas
Digital performance

Rene Fischerk
Brand strategy

Dr. Tadas Jucikas
Data Scientist

Mantas Aleksiejevas
Marketing and sales

Lukas Kairys
Smart contracts consultant

Aukse Siaudzionyte
Content and social media manager

Vytautas Alkimavičius
Senior software engineer


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