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ICO hosting

Whether your ICO is hosted through TokenLot or your own website, we can provide a custom tailored page with a user interface that will be tailored and customized to your companies branding and feature rich content to ensure positive user engagement. TokenLot’s easy to use and secure payment platform allows investors of all technical levels to send payments in any digital currency of their choosing, in return for your token. All funds are stored in cold storage wallets and air gapped for maximum protection. TokenLot offers a white label solution for using our payment software on your own website.


TokenLot’s smart contract auditing service provides an in depth analysis to ensure the security and viability of your ICO. Over 100 million dollars have been stolen due to smart contract flaws, a situation that no company can afford to deal with. Additionally, investment funds look past token offerings if smart contracts have not been audited. With auditing, you can receive a detailed analysis regarding all the crucial aspects of your smart contract’s viability.


Leverage the power of TokenLot’s extensive network by marketing your ICO through our service. TokenLot takes advantage of the global reach of the ICO contribution pool and our ability to navigate the many sources of reaching potential contributors. By providing global social media advertising, forum postings, podcasts, videos, partnerships, and traffic from our other ICO’s, we can provide a marketing experience that will provide traction and visibility for your product.

Escrow services

Security of customer funds is a top priority at TokenLot, especially in light of the events surrounding recent ICO’s. TokenLot has partnered with Kravis & Wurgaft P.C., a law firm based in Michigan. All ICO funds can be stored in our escrows control throughout the ICO process to ensure security and instill confidence in your potential contributors.

Customer support

TokenLot offers 24/7 customer service through email, phone, and our recently added live chat feature on our main homepage. Let TokenLot cater to your customers with technical questions about the ICO process while you focus on your business.

Clients feedback

" We highly recommend TokenLot for a streamlined ICO process. The team at TokenLot is trustworthy, competent, and responsive. Everything you want in a partnership when handling something as important as this! "

Christopher J Kramer | President & CEO OneName Global, Inc. (onG)

" TokenLot was one of our first partners during our sale and their partnership and support was invaluable in giving us the boost we needed to kick off a successful token sale! "

Eddie Smith | CEO, NEBL.IO

" Tokenlot has proved to be a great resource for ICO hosting. Tokenlot has provided us with the fast efficient communication needed in the cryptocurrency space. "

Ashton Addison | CEO,

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TokenLot has a proven track record with wide a range of crowd sale campaigns. We surpass our client’s expectations and overdeliver on every product. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to see if we can help expand your investor base.

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TokenLot LLC is not affiliated with any ICO being purchased through our ICO offerings. Our user friendly and secure brokerage offers you a simple way to purchase any ICO token as a third party service. If you would like to purchase any ICO directly through their respective service, please visit their website using the link provided on the respective ICO information page. TokenLot, LLC is a registered entity in the State of Michigan.